Natural TENCEL® Cover

  • The cover offers unique moisture management properties. It's designed to be ultra soft for sensitive skin as well as naturally inhibiting bacterial growth.
  • TENCEL® fabric is also an environmentally friendly/sustainable product
  • The mattress has a white top which extends over the sides of the mattress with an Ivory white cord around the border
  • The sides have a cobalt blue microsuede cover for an elegant look and feel

3" CoolRest Gel™ Infused Memory Foam

  • Advanced Gel infused memory foam helps you sleep cooler and provides improved pressure relief
  • Perfectly conforms to your body for a soft, yet supportive feel.
  • Distributes and neutralizes pressure points to provide comfort and reduce tossing and turning at night for deeper, more restful sleep.
  • Open cell structure increases air flow, making it breathable and cooler to sleep on.
  • Reduces motion transfer, allowing you to move without waking your partner.
  • Rebounds (takes it shape) quicker than older types of memory foam, making it easier to change positions.

8" High Resiliency Support Foam

  • Designed to support and correctly align your spine so you can relax at night and wake up pain free.
  • Performs consistently over long periods of time, ensuring durability and consistency.
  • More durable than conventional foams used by other companies.
  • Accommodates any sleep position- back, side, & stomach.

The Tranquility Gel with Natural TENCEL® measures approximately 11 inches tall. 

The Tranquility GEL with Natural TENCEL® mattress combines the comfort of TENCEL® fabric with our CoolRest Gel™ memory foam for a mattress that is truly remarkable. TENCEL® fabric is known for its moisture management properties. The unique structure of the TENCEL® fiber allows it to actually absorb moisture inside the fiber and transport moisture throughout the fabric promoting faster evaporation. This also means that the fabric can naturally inhibit bacterial growth, for a healthier sleeping surface. These factors combined with the smooth surface of the fiber make this material a positive environment for healthy skin. 

TENCEL® fabric is made from Eucalyptus trees utilizing a environmentally sustainable process. Since these trees grow quickly, they are rapidly replaced when cut. They also yield more fiber per square meter than conventional cotton, which makes this cover environmentally friendly. 

This mattress has a medium/firm feel, but allows the memory foam to quickly conform to your body for pressure relief and support without sinking into the mattress too far. 

Our mattresses feature the most technologically advanced pressure-relieving memory foam mattress in the world. Created from years of testing and studies by the world's leading chemical company, BASF. They are made in North Carolina, packaged in Tennessee and are proudly offered at the lowest price possible. 

CoolRest Gel™ Gel Infused Memory Foam

We have taken our advanced memory foam to the next level by infusing it with Gel. Our CoolRest Gel™ is the latest addition to the Extra Z's family of products and helps you sleep cooler without compromising the durability or pressure-relief our mattresses and toppers are known for. 

We have made 3 major improvements over existing types of memory foam. Our CoolRest Gel™ gel infused memory foam sleeps cooler, immediately conforms to your body, and rebounds quicker than older types of memory foam. Our memory foam is open-cell which creates airflow, allowing to you to be cooler while you sleep. When you lay down on any of our mattresses you will feel the memory foam immediately conform to your body- no 'break in' periods or waiting for your body heat to activate it. This is accomplished by having a broader temperature range. It works immediately to relieve pressure and cradle your body. Older types of memory foam get hard when the temperature is cooler in your house; and gooey when it becomes too warm. Our memory foam also rebounds quicker, this allows the foam to retake its shape quickly and not create a 'crater' to roll back into when you want to change positions. Additionally, our foam is designed to prevent motion transfer, allowing you to move without disturbing your partner. All of the foam used in our mattresses is made in Mount Airy, North Carolina. 

High Resiliency Support Foam

Providing ideal support for your spine is worth every penny. The foam under the memory foam is just as important as the memory foam itself. Once you have been cradled by the memory foam and it has conformed to your body, you need good support foam to provide ideal comfort. We use "high resilience"(HR) support foam. It is very durable, yet comfortable and supportive. 

A lot of memory foam mattress companies cut corners and use low quality base foam to increase their profit. Many of the lower priced mattresses (and higher priced ones too) you see on the market have inferior quality base foam under the layer of memory foam; this is the main cause of mattress sagging over time. 

Our mattresses use only HR support foam with a rating of 24/32. That means a 2.4 lb density with a 32 IFD. In this industry, most manufacturers will consider our support foam "overkill" in the quality department. We use this highest quality support foam in our mattresses because we know it will last and provide superior support for your body consistently over extended periods of time. 

Certified non-toxic- safe for your family (and ours!)

CertiPUR-US & HohensteinExtra Z's is dedicated to offering customers the safest mattresses available. We use only non-toxic, US-Made foam in our mattresses. All mattresses have been tested and certified by both Hohenstein Institutes and CertiPUR-US. This means that every mattress we ship is certified to be skin-friendly and hypoallergenic. They are certified to NOT contain substances that are known to be harmful to humans such as Phthalates, Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers (PBDEs), formaldehyde, CFCs, and others. Even the FR barrier we use is non-toxic. It is inherently fire-resistant and is not treated by harmful chemicals. This is great news for our family here- all Extra Z's employees sleep on one of our memory foam mattresses. 

The science behind CoolRest Gel™ Memory Foam

CoolRest Gel™ memory foam made from Pluracal™ materials is slab formulation technology that produces variable recovery rate urethane flexible foam. This material is designed to reduce pressure and cradle the body to provide superior comfort qualities. CoolRest Gel™ foam can be easily varied to provide property and "feel" characteristics to meet a wide range of applications. Foam buns cure quickly and do not need crushing. CoolRest Gel™ foam helps make more comfortable, more luxurious cushioning. 

BASF utilizes Dynamic Mechanical Analysis to target the properties and features of CoolRest Gel™ foam. With this tool, CoolRest Gel™ foam formulations can be adjusted to move the glass transition temperature, and target a specific temperature range for visco-elasticity. Also, we analyze the height and breadth of the curve as a means of targeting recovery rates and pressure relief qualities. CoolRest Gel™ foam represents state-of-the-art slow recovery foam technology targeted at the luxury bedding and specialty cushioning segments. BASF helps make the processing easier and helps correctly target properties in the manufacture of visco-elastic foams. BASF makes memory foam better. Please note: The information contained on this page originated on BASF's website. 

Foam Core Care Instructions

Accidents happen; it is a fact of life, which is why we recommend you protect your mattress with a waterproof cover. These covers are designed to prevent spills and liquid from becoming absorbed by the memory foam core. Moisture is the enemy of memory foam and can cause permanent damage to the foam and void the mattress warranty. Our memory foam has open-cell technology; it will allow moisture to flow through it, but it is very difficult to remove all the liquid from memory foam if it does gets soaked. If the mattress does get wet, there are some steps you can follow to help minimize the damage. These steps are merely guidelines, and may not completely work for you to remove the liquid from the mattress. 

  • Using a towel press down on the affected area to absorb as much of the excess liquid as possible
  • After absorbing as much of the liquid as possible with the towel, allow to air dry until all moisture is gone
  • You may also want to point a fan towards the foam to help air circulate and lower drying time

For stains, avoid using any chemical cleaners to remove stains, as these can damage the foam. The best way to remove stains is to use a lightly dampened cloth and blot the stain. Again, the important thing is to make sure the foam does not get wet, and if it does, give the foam ample time to air dry completely before putting sheets back on the bed.

Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable Production

The TENCEL® fabric used in this cover is made from eucalyptus trees which typically grow to 130 feet. The material for TENCEL® is extracted from eucalyptus wood taken exclusively from forest plantations which practice sustainability. The fiber yield with TENCEL® is ten times higher than with conventional cotton, making it more environmentally friendly. Compare TENCEL® with conventional cotton, and it is striking that the use of water and pesticides plays no role with the cultivation of eucalyptus trees. Eucalyptus can even be planted on so-called "marginal" lands which cannot be used for food production. TENCEL®fiber also meets the new Biobased USDA standards for environmentally responsibility and low impact.

Unique at the Microscopic Level

TENCEL® fiber absorbs excess liquid and quickly releases it again into the atmosphere, thanks to the fibrils in the fibers. Fibrils are tiny components (little "hairs") which make up the fiber. This is the first cellulose fiber whose functionality is based on this innovative structure. The fibrils are hydrophilic and optimize the absorption of moisture with excellent cooling properties. The illustrations on the right show that in contrast to cotton, TENCEL® controls and regularly absorbs moisture. Moreover TENCEL® absorbs 50% more moisture than cotton. By contrast polyester does not absorb moisture. The water is colored in blue.

Moisture Management

In contrast to synthetic fibers, with reduced wicking properties,TENCEL® offers unique moisture transport. The fibril structure ofTENCEL® supports this natural fiber property, guaranteeing optimum conditions for the skin. Synthetic fibers cannot absorb moisture into the inside of the fiber. TENCEL® controls and regularly absorbs moisture.

Reassurance for Sensitive Skin

TENCEL® fiber has a smoother and more supple surface than wool or cotton. The combination of a smooth fiber surface and excellent moisture absorption creates a positive environment for healthy skin, makingTENCEL® ideal for anyone with sensitive skin. Also, TENCEL® is chemical free, an important factor for sensitive skin.

Naturally Complete Hygiene

TENCEL® does not give bacteria a chance to grow by eliminating the environment for bacterial growth. The fabric's rapid absorption of moisture and high absorption capacity proved most effective in inhibiting growth with no chemical additives whatsoever.

TENCEL® Cover Care Instructions

The TENCEL® cover zips over the memory foam core and is closed on the bottom. It should not be removed from the mattress to protect it as part of the 1633 Federal open-flame mattress standard. If the cover does need to be cleaned, we recommend using a mild household fabric or upholstery cleaner. Spot test any cleaner on a small area of the cover first. 

Protect your investment

As with any mattress, we recommend protecting it with a removable water proof cover, they are conveniently offered during our checkout process and are reasonably priced- a great way to protect your new investment.

8" American Hardwood Foundation

Say goodbye to poor quality, squeaky memory foam mattress foundations. Our 8" American Hardwood Mattress Foundation combines U.S. grown poplar hardwood and a high quality quilted cover, to create a beautiful and strong foundation. By using poplar hardwood, we are able to make a foundation with smooth, splinter free finished wood that is kiln dried to 8%, ensuring it doesn't warp or split over time. Traditionally, foundations are made with pine which has around 18% moisture content. The high moisture content of the pine can cause it to warp, and in turn, squeak over time. 

Easy & Convenient 
The foundation arrives packed and wrapped in a compact box so it is easy to move into a small space and can be set up using only the supplied tool in around 30 minutes. The result is a foundation that's strong and durable, yet can be broken down for moving or storage. Once assembled, the foundation provides the perfect platform for supporting your mattress. These high quality foundations are proudly made in the USA. They are 8 inches thick and will fit any corresponding standard size mattress we sell. 

Do I need a foundation or can I use my existing box springs? 
All memory foam mattresses are designed to work on a flat, sturdy, non-spring foundation. Memory foam mattresses need more support than spring mattresses due to their conforming nature. (Box springs are usually designed to 'give', allowing the springs to last longer in spring mattresses, this is not ideal for any foam mattress) A bad foundation is the #1 cause for memory foam mattresses not performing to their full potential. A bad foundation will negatively affect the mattress's level of comfort and durability. 

We highly recommend purchasing a foundation made specifically for foam mattresses. Using an inadequate foundation will void the mattress warranty.
Special note on King/California King foundations; Our foundations are one solid 76x80 King (or 72x84 for Cal King) foundation. A small number of beds require a Split King or 2 Twin XL foundations. Please give us a call if your bed requires two foundations.

10-Year Full Replacement Warranty / 20-Year Limited Warranty

Extra Z's guarantees that your mattress will be replaced or repaired at our option, should it be determined to be defective because of faulty workmanship or manufacturer's defects during the first ten (10) years of the warranty, excluding specific limitations outlined herein.

It is understood by the purchaser that this warranty does not include a normal increase in softness of the memory foam which is normal and does not affect the pressure-relieving quality of the mattress. This warranty covers deterioration in the cell structure of the materials that may cause the mattress to have a visible indentation greater than 1 inch during the first five (5) years of the warranty or greater than 1.25" during years 6-20, not caused by a sag in the foundation, box springs, adjustable bed, or platform. If such defects occur during the first ten (10) years of this 20 Year limited warranty we will, at our option, repair or replace the mattress. We will replace the mattress at a prorated charge to you from years 11 to 20. During the first year of the prorated 10 Year period, (year 11) the prorated replacement charge will be fifty (50) percent of the original purchase price. The prorated charge will increase by five (5) percent for each subsequent year of the prorated period.

Extra Z's mattresses are designed to work on a firm, solid-surface, non-spring foundation or adjustable bed base that is structurally capable of supporting the weight of purchaser's Extra Z's mattress and user(s). This warranty and other performance warranties are based on tests conducted on "sets" that consist of our mattresses and foundations. THEREFORE, IF PURCHASER USES INAPPROPRIATE FOUNDATIONS, BOX SPRINGS, ADJUSTABLE BED BASES, OR BED FRAMES WITH THIS MATTRESS, SUCH USE WILL VOID THIS WARRANTY AND ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, WHETHER EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Extra Z's may require purchaser to provide proof of the quality of the foundation used in conjunction with the mattress if purchaser makes a claim under this warranty. All foundations sold on will qualify as an acceptable base for your mattress. Extra Z's reserves the right to invalidate this warranty if the mattress is found to be in an unsanitary condition or the foundation is found to be inadequate.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has created the Standard for the Flammability (Open Flame) of Mattress Sets in Federal Register 16 CFR Part 1633. The foundation used with purchaser's mattress, unless specified for use as the particular foundation or adjustable bed base for the mattress purchased, should not be construed as 16 CFR Part 1633 compliant.

This warranty is valid only for the original purchaser from the original purchase date of the original mattress purchased from Extra Z's. If the original purchaser sells the mattress, the subsequent purchaser takes the product "as is" and "with all faults." This warranty also does not apply to any mattress being used in a commercial setting such as hotels, motels, boarding homes, nursing homes and similar environments. Commercial settings fall under a separate warranty.

Additionally, this warranty does not cover:

  • Mattresses left in the box, compressed for more than 30 days after receipt.
  • A normal increase in softness of the memory foam which is normal and does not affect the pressure-relieving quality of the mattress.
  • Comfort preference
  • Physical abuse or damage to the structure and/or cover material, including but not limited to, burns, cuts, tears, liquid damage and stains, or abnormal soiling.
  • Damage from using an improper bed frame, foundation. See above description and illustrations for a proper bed frame.
  • Replacement of another piece in the Extra Z's sleep system, unless other piece is also defective.

In the event a warranty claim is filed and a warranty replacement is deemed necessary, purchaser will be required to surrender the original mattress to Extra Z's at the time of replacement. All transportation/handling costs will be the responsibility of the purchaser after year five (5) of warranty, in addition to any prorated charges.

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11" Tranquility Gel Foam Mattress with 8" Foundation
11" Tranquility Gel Foam Mattress